Steam Compact

A skin for the Steam client, by seq

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General Information

This is the only place where I post any versions of my skin. Any mirrors or copies found elsewhere are not supplied by me and I take no responsibility for them.

I will always post what Steam version my skin is compatible with, so please check that before reporting any issues. I cannot stress this enough, please check the compatibility note!

Installation instructions and advice

The directory structure in the .zip file lets you quite quickly figure out where to extract the contents. After you’ve extracted the contents of the archive you go to Settings › Interface and select the Compact skin.

Linux users: Read the included readme for instructions how to install this skin on Linux. A few issues with fonts requires some manual work. Please let me know if you experience any issues with this, I haven’t tested it much myself.

Information about current version (updated October 30, 2020)

Version 1.6.53 is compatible with Steam version 1603487799 (built October 23, 2020)

Changes since previous version include:

Support or Contact

Having any issues? Either report it in the GitHub issue tracker or in the Steam Community Group.

Screenshots (updated September 24, 2015)

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